Swarming Bee Rescue Squad

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swarm of honey beesHave you ever seen a whirling mass of bees in the air, or a bee swarm on a tree branch or some inconvenient place? It is important to use caution, so don’t attempt to move or destroy or spray the swarm. Keep your distance to avoid making the swarm feel threatened or act aggressively toward you. We are blessed with many local beekeepers and they have formed a team, ready and equipped to remove honeybee swarms for local residents.

A swarm is a big clump of honey bees, specifically worker bees gathered around the one queen bee. They are not swarming to attack you; they are in the process of finding a new home after leaving their overcrowded original colony. This is a natural part of the honey bee life cycle, and our local beekeepers are willing to remove swarms safely, humanely, and free of charge. The captured swarms can be used by beekeepers to start up a new colony in a vacant hive – and we all benefit from more honey bees.

To remove honeybee swarms contact David Bonham of the Monroe County Beekeepers, at 423-295-4858.